Albatec Inc. was established on 10.09.2002 by Georg Huber and Peter Pfeifer.

In February 2002, during a visit to Albania, we came up with the idea of creating an assembling company on the territory of “Weilheim Help for Albania” Association.

The objective was at one side to create jobs and training places, and at the other side to give aid to self-help, for the population of Albania. Of course, the economic side of Albatec company is also to be considered.

Our goal is to provide our expertise in assembling technique, know-how, logistics, and finding competent partners to fully utilize existing tools and the company resources.

In September 2002, Albatec GmbH started to work as an job-order-producer in
a medicine-technical sector, with focus on inhalations technique.

At the modern assembly facility, our highly motivated and very skilled personnel guaranteed for quality products.

Profit from our high quality and reliability

  • Are you interested in outsourcing?
  • Are your manual work places too expensive?
  • Do you need a solution without to invest in complex
    automation engineering?

We offer:

  • The entire logistic transaction, from pick up the individual parts, from a place where you decide, till to the goods transport and the customs clearance.
  • We advise you over the most favorable freight rail.
  • We assemble for you and your business affordable assemblies and end products. The very skilled personnel
    in our production plant in Elbasan are highly motivated.
    They works already for two companies
    in the context of
    DIN EN ISO 13485:2003.
  • Also the following packing, is it for transport or for the final consumer, places for us
    no problem.
  • Also all In-process-controls as well as the final inspection of assemblies and finished products are
    in our clean work environment an
    technical very good equipped company anytime possible.
  • Of course, we deliver your commissioned products in due time and accurate. We have a
    Partner in Albania which six, anytime usable trucks between 15 tons and 22 tons. Also this service
    will be transacted for you with an Albanian carrier, with whom we and our client’s co operated
    since over 5 years.


Did we convince you that also your product can come economically and qualitatively perfectly from Albania?

In our reference list you can find partners who already cooperated with us.
You can also profit from our high quality and reliability.

We would be pleased, if you would invite us for a personal advice for you to find out
the optimality offer and model for you.

Quality is self -evident for us.

When Albatec GmbH will be an annual audit suppliers
in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2003
and the current demands
of the supplier side.

They also benefit from our
high quality and reliability.

As a long-time supplier a medium-sized company
in the medical technology, we have already

  • We were classified as a top supplier.
  • We guarantee that your products carefully criticized and packaged.
  • Ensure our well-trained and highly motivated staff.